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Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Special Treat

I have been spending some good quality quiet time in my War Binder.  I have really enjoyed decorating it while spending time in The Word.  I have been keeping my supplies in a box inside a tote bag and it was getting a little bothersome to constantly remove everything to get to the box on the bottom.

I took Skippy to work this morning because I had a bunch of things on my to do list and needed the car. It started with my Girls Gathering group early this morning then on to pick up 3 dozen brown eggs I was getting from a dear friend we used to live near.  After that I had to run home and get Kiddo to take him to get his hair cut and a shave.  After he was done with that we were supposed to go grocery shopping but storms and the heavy downpour messed a lot of that up due to not being able to drive above a crawl on the interstate.  Because it took us so long to get to there we only had 20 mins to grocery shop so we had to scratch that off the list for today. 

Since we only had a few minutes before we had to leave to go get Skippy from work, we went to Micheal's since it was right across the street from the hair salon.

I was looking for the We R Memory Keepers shaped punches and was thrilled to find them on a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale. I bought WRMK washi tape punch and a Fiskars corner rounder.  I also found washi tape for $5 a tube, which was $10 off.   But my favorite deal of the day, my special treat to myself, was this craft organizer I found for 50% off, bringing it down to only $14.95.  WAHOO, COOKIE!!  😁

I love that now everything has a special place.  Pockets on the sides and front with a magnetic pocket......
Space for all my washi tapes and colored pencils.....
clear rubber stamps, note cards, stickers and punches.......
mini alphabet stamps, glue sticks, rubberbands to add extra inserts and a pair of scissors.
I'm excited that I was able to get some really great deals today and can't wait to get into my War Binder tomorrow!

Good bless~

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Awesome finds!
I love to stumble upon sales like that!
It's going to feel so nice to be organized, and have all of you creative stuff gathered so nicely in one place.

Smiles :)