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Sunday, January 1, 2017

365 Poto Challenge Day 1

Good morning, everyone! I am joining my beautiful adopted daughter, Ash (Bean's bff) and will be participating and hopefully completing the 365 Photo Challenge - a picture a day for everyday this year. More importantly a picture a day that documents my personal life in some way. When things happen we tend to grab our cell phones but I will be using my Nikon instead.

What a better way to start the new year then with the most important person in my life......Jesus Christ! As a lot of you know, my word for 2017 is NON-NEGOTIABLE, meaning I will no longer push aside, put off or ignore my time with my Savior, everything else can always be done another time. And as I've quoted my husband before, "The only thing I am supposed to do every day, is spend time with the Lord and in His word, that is your ONLY responsibility!" Such a smart man! :D

Please feel free to join me in documenting 2017 and participate in the #365PhotoChallenge .


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Pat Love said...

Love, love, love your word for the year. I am also excited to see your pictures, you are an amazing photographer.