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Friday, July 22, 2016

Unwanted Visitor

In the past four years since we have been here, we have had a bunch of cats born on our porch, eight (8) to be exact, plus the two that were already going back between our house and our neighbor's.  As soon as we were able to, we had all the cats spayed and neutered.  They have since become members of our family but yet still continue to live on the porch due to our lease.

 Living in the country, especially right below the Shenandoah National Park, you will have many different wild animals around.  The other night while I was running an on-line JAMBERRY facebook party, I heard the glass pan moving outside the door.  Guess who was on our front porch?  When I opened the door, our little friend turned around and grabbed one more handful of cat food.  This is not the first time they have been here and by no means will it be the last.  That still doesn't make it easier to not be started when you see them.  And YES, I think they are ADORABLE!  :D
Today was a GORGEOUS DAY. Beautiful temps with a slight breeze so I turned the A/C off and opened all the windows and doors.  AAAHHH!!! Lots of laundry was done and hung outside to sway and dry in the sunshine and the gentle breeze.  Even Ubers seemed to enjoy the pretty day out on the window sill. 

While having my coffee, I heard a noise on the porch.  Guess who? Another raccoon. I have had a confrontation once before with a raccoon in the middle of the day and it was not a good experience as he killed one of our chickens.  I found out shortly after that, when nothing seemed to deter him and he just stood there staring at me, then growled, that it was rabid.  I tried to get this one to leave, but like the other one, he just stood there looking at me. I tried shooting it with the pellet gun but he still didn't move.  I started screaming and yelling and banging things around and he finally just sauntered off the porch through the open window and jumped to the ground.  The look I got before he left was, "Don't you worry......I'LL BE BACK!" And he was!
Silly woman, you can tell me to leave, but I'm still going to come back. Again....and again.....and again!


Anonymous said...

The cats may have to come inside for their meal? I've seen raccoons here in the Northwest ... :) Maybe you need a shoe to throw at him? That is a male attitude you are describing and as food is a really strong attraction you would have to eliminate all sources of easy access to food on your property.

We used to feed the squirrels, but with the daily in the daytime visits of raccoons I halted that completely. I also had an opossum living under my little outdoor shed and I plugged up it's hole of access with heavy planters that I piled on a container with horse shoes.

Next get a 22 and see if they like that much? :) Maybe Skippy can hunt them down for you and you can have a lovely raccoon hat - they have the loveliest fur and it's very durable.
God bless ... Bevy :)

Hope said...

Hello Laura,

I see it has been awhile since your last post. I hope you are not still having trouble with that raccoon. Those are scary animals.

Hope all is well with you,