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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Day With The Girls

I recently went with my Goose and Doodle Bug to White Oak Lavender Farm. It is a beautiful place with a gift shop, a cafe and lots of areas for you to pick your own bunches of lavender for a very good price.

 They also had a few animals for the kids to pet...
 and to feed rocks! lol
 Doodle Bug loved the baby pigs....
 and the big swings.
 My sweet girl!  <3 br="">
 Checkers anyone?
Someone loves to play with rocks and water.....no matter where it is!
Time to head home.

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Hope said...

Good morning Laura,

I followed your link to visit White Oak Lavender Farm. What a lovely place to spend the day with your daughter and granddaughter, who by the way IS really adorable :)