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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Great Day

Woke up very late this morning and didn't have a chance to do my nails.  Got caught "nakie" at our local ice cream shop after church by someone who knew I sold Jamberry.  (EEEKKK) Not to worry, she left with a catalog, sample sheet and application instructions, a party date and a HUGE SMILE!  😄
Went to church and spent the day with three of Skippy's co-workers from Belgium, France and Puerto Rico.  
We parked and had luch at Gathering Grounds, walked around town to the thelocal shops, 

Art Wharehouse, Chamber of Commerce and Hawksbill Trading Company.  Then a family trip to FLOTZIE'S to get the guys a cone.  I choose a bottle of water!  (pats self on the back!)  

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