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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hey, everyone! Sorry I have not been consistent in my blogging for quite some time. Life just manages to always get in the way. I am definitely not saying that's a bad thing, just a fact. However, I would really LOVE to change that.

Things here have been busy.....but it's been a GOOD busy. Things with church, family and friends, watching Doodle Bug when I can, all while keeping our home and trying to keep our businesses up and running, which is no small feet. I have to say though, that I would much rather spend my days with my son and taking care of our granddaughter and hopefully soon, our grandson.

We did have a chance recently to go out shopping and then stop at SWEET FROG afterwards. Kiddo LOVES M&M's and as you will see......so does Doodle Bug! lol

These two just crack me up.  She loves her Uncle Kiddo very much! 

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Hope said...

Hello Laura,

Nice to see you today. I always look for any new post from your way.

So glad that you are enjoying all that you do and those very special people in your life.

June weather has been pretty spectacular here in California. Hope that yours is exceptional as well.