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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things I've Been Busy Making

 I recently got into wood burning and I LOVE IT!
My friend, M&M, sent me a picture of some decorative utensils she found 
and I was hooked!
 I have made some to be auctioned off for Relay For Life...
 and others were personal orders....
and some were for end of the year gifts for teachers 
and some for family.
I made an old time hoop game called Graces for Kiddo.
  We first found out about this gameat Homeschool Days at 
The New Market Battlefield. 
He loved it so much he played it for 
two hours that day in the hot sun!
I have also been constructing and hand painting more palette boards.
Some I took
to the Festival Of Spring....
 and some
 I auctioned off
 to reach our family donation goal
of $300.00 to Relay For Life
some were orders from facebook, 
family and friends
and this one was a 1st birthday gift 
to a precious young lady I am so blessed to know.
Little by little I am expanding things to put in my Etsy store.
I have also been thinking of whether or not I should do away with Etsy 
and just have a web store or a blog.  
Just not sure which direction would be best for me but I know with 
prayer and asking the Lord for guidance, the answer will become clear!

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Love your projects!
I've never seen such cute wooden utensils before... they are darling!!
Best of luck with making your decision about how to sell your crafts :)
Best of luck with the fundraiser, also.

Smiles :)