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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bible Art Journaling

(picture courtesy of Rebehak R. Jones)
Good evening, everyone!  Bible art journaling is part of the growing, ‘Illustrated Faith’ movement where many Christians are creating on the pages of their Bible. The idea is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God.

What is the Bible Art Journaling Challenge?

Bible Art Journaling is combining bible devotions, creativity and a weekly challenge, to have an amazing year of creative inspiration, community and deepened relationship with God.
This year-long, 2015 Bible Art Journaling Challenge is designed to help us join in with this life-changing and fun movement! I’ll be doing this challenge all year. Please join me and bring your friends!

When is it happening?

Every Tuesday throughout 2015.  The challenge started on January 6th. That’s 52 weeks of life-changing creative fun!
You can join in at any point along the way. You are never late, and you don’t need to do previous weeks if you don’t want. Start when and where you want. Even skip weeks and come back! It’s better you join in sometimes than not at all.
See this as a once-per-week bonus to your time with God as you meditate on His Word with creative pleasure.
I am following and participating in the Bible Art Journaling Challenge on the blog of Rebekah R.Jones.  You will find the link to the first challenge HERE!  I will post pictures of my Bible entries along with the scripture passage and link to that weeks challenge. 

Won't you join me in another way to worship our sweet and precious Lord!  


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