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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A New Business

I made this "Established" sign for my from G-Girl for Christmas.  I posted it on facebook and immediately started getting orders.  I am THRILLED that people really like my work.

Thank you, Father, for this unexpected opportunity!



Melanie said...

Those are great! You did a beautiful job! :-)

Kathleen w said...

Laura, it's Beautiful! I didn't see a link to your store???

Kerin said...

Beautiful job! I love the rustic look, and how nice to have something made with so much attention to detail!!
I am sure that you will be very busy, and such a nice little business for you :)

Have a happy day!!


Singing Praise Homemaker said...

Blog hopping through



hope said...

Hi Laura,
These signs are wonderful! I am very impressed!