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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Troublesome Visitor

For the past month - month and a half, we have been having a troublesome visitor who does not seem want to go away, no matter what we try.  This week he has broken into our coop and killed one of our ladies and then came back that same afternoon to get another.  My sister gave us one of her hens over the weekend and she has disappeared.  I think I know where she has gone!   : > (

This bear is definitely beautiful, but it is time for this big guy to move on!  

We have also had a raccoon that has attacked and killed two of our cats. 
It has not been a good few weeks for animals around here!  :(


Kerin said...

Good grief!!
So scary to have that bear get so close to home!!!
I've been waiting to see a bear, each time we go up in the mountains. Never the less... I would be terrified to see one in our yard.

Is there a live catch system there for bear, or do you have state permission to kill if they are nuisance bears??

Sorry about the raccoons too.
We have a lot of raccoons here in Utah, but I've not heard of them killing cats. Generally, they eat all the corn, and destroy property.

Wishing you good luck with the pesky and dangerous animals.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Laura, Oh what a beauty he is, however he belongs out in the forest not in your chicken coop. I'd be fearful of running into him up close and personal. Hope you can figure out a way to help him move on.

Lisa Tucker said...

Oh my!! I can't imagine having a bear for a visitor. I do hope you can get this problem resolved. He is a beautiful creature but unwelcome...especially if he is eating your chickens..:( Good luck! Oh and I absolutely LOVE your header photo!!!! Beautiful!!!