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Monday, March 17, 2014


Last night it snowed and we got over ten inches.....AGAIN!!   It seems crazy since just the day before yesterday it was in the 60's.  I absolutely LOVE the cold and snow but even I am done with winter this year!


Once Kiddo and I had breakfast, I went out to take care of then hens.  After shoveling the coop out, I opened the door so the ladies could come out and play. As they gazed out upon the freshly fallen snow, I heard them laugh at me.......
 then quickly turn around and run right back inside, where they then proceeded to stuff their faces!  

Ungrateful little things!!!


Mrs. JP said...

Okay,,,given the options, I would have done the same thing! haha.

Anonymous said...


I love that first photo...it looks like one of the old paintings of the masters.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kathleen w said...

At the start of the winter our hens would not come out in the snow. Now they could care less. They seem to like it as much as our kiddos. I was glad for one more snow. Since it will be a few more weeks until spring I figure it might as well be winter.

Laura Lane said...

Dogs came through and got all of our hens except one. She wanders mournfully around. She doesn't go in her chicken house at night, because she wants to be with us. We usually find her perched in the front window or in the garage. I hope she'll be friends with the turkeys when they get big enough to go out.

I'm adding your blog to my side bar tonight.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage