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Thursday, April 18, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, my friend G-girl and had the AWESOME opportunity to surprise our dear friend, L with a long time desire of her heart.  L has been wanting a lap dog for quite some time and has been praying that the Lord would provide one for her.

Now you have to know that G-Girl and I have been looking all over for a pug for L and had not been very successful. We had been in contact with L's husband to make sure that when we did find a dog that it was ok for us to get it for her.   One evening about three weeks ago, G was reading the classifieds looking for a Great Dane for her family and just happened to see a picture of a pug that looked just like our pug, Snickers.  The following day I called about him and he indeed was available, up to date on his shots, and FREE to a loving home.  WOO HOO!  And the countdown to OPERATION SURPRISE began! 

The next morning, we drove to meet the lady from the classifieds.  When we got there she was waiting for us, with the CUTEST pug.  He was so excited to see us and was just jumping up and down. We looked at each other and said, "OMGosh.....L is going to FLIP OUT!"  lol  After taking care of all the details we got "Dodger" and headed straight for Wal-Mart to pick up so goodies for his new home.

When we got to L's house, she thought we had Snickers.  When I told her she couldn't walk Snickers, and that we thought she should walk her own dog, she looked at us, looked at Dodger, SCREAMED, then bent down and picked him up and held on tight with the biggest hug.

I can't tell who is happier in this picture.........L or Dodger? 



Cathy said...

What a sweet surprise for a friend. And you're right. I can't tell who is happier either. I swear that dog is smiling!

Mrs. JP said...

Hey, that is a great picture and you are right both are happy. I've never seen a pug smile before...Great work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Just popping in to say a big "Howdy!"

Great story about the lady and the surprise.

I have been off blogging for several months, but now I am back: http://visithope-home.blogspot.com/