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Friday, September 14, 2012

Headin' Out

It is a beautiful morning here in the holler.  A little overcast at the moment, but the temperature is nice and cool, just the way I like it.  So, I have decided that we are "Blowin' This Popsicle Stand" today and TAKING THE DAY OFF!   I'm going to Wal-Mart to get a new pair of sneakers, then who knows.  Maybe we'll go to
McDonald's and get a sugar-free French Vanilla latte.  Yeah......that's sounds PERFECT! 

Are any of you taking the day off to relax and do something FUN? If so, what will you be doing?



Emily Fay said...

Have a glorious day off! I pray it is wonderful for you! And have a great weekend~

Kerin said...

Have a wonderful day off!
Smile until your cheeks hurt :)

I'm not taking the day off, but I'm so looking forward to getting a few more projects done.
I am painting an old bench today.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like you've got a good plan, Laura. Have lots of fun!

Today is a workday for me. I have to wrap some projects up before my husband gets home tomorrow.

:) Hope

Debbie said...

Sounds good to me...enjoy!