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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recycling/Repurposing Cabinets

In our old house, I had a big sewing room with lots of closet and cabinet space for all my fabrics and other crafting necessaries. When we left and moved to the cottage, I was adamant about taking the cabinets with us. I knew we didn't have anywhere near the space we previously had, so I knew that these cabinets were a must.  I quickly found out exactly how little storage space we really had.

In putting together my sewing room, I realized that the cabinets wouldn't fit in this small space, so I had to come up with another use for them.  Skippy and I had always wanted an island in the kitchen so we decided to do just that.  
 We started out with three cabinets, but they took up too much room.
As you can see, we only used two, which left the top too big.
After Skippy cuts it to the correct size, we will sand it, stain it, and polyurethane the top.
After that we will put a piece of bead board on the back and a 
toe plate (since I can't remember what it's really called) all along the bottom.
I will definitely post pics when we have it completed.
I am so happy I now have a lot more space to put my pots and pans.
Now I'll be able to put my groceries in the cabinets where they belong instead of on the book shelf in the back room.  The remaining cabinet will get a top as well and will go in the sewing
room so I can lay out my fabrics and patterns.


Kerin said...

Hi Laura!
Looks like they are going to work great for you!!
We too are coping with a much, much smaller home.
It takes a lot of creativity to find a place for everything necessary.

Looking forward to seeing the finished island!

Smiles :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it. It is going to make a perfect island for the kitchen!

Just Be Real said...

Whoo hoot Laura. Lookin' good. Blessings.

Anonymous said...


This is so exciting! I know about lack of storage...you really have to be creative. Your cabinet looks wonderful.


Mrs. JP said...

Love you island!

Mrs. JP said...

Love you island!