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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Look Who's Another Year Older

After a dinner of homemade stromboli, we celebrated 
My Skippy Man's birthday with a DELICIOUS 
sugar-free chocolate mousse made with 
unsweetened vanilla soy, sf Cool Whip, and sf chocolate chips

Happy Birthday, to the love of my life...............



chili pepper said...

Happy Birthday to Skippy Man! Would love your mousse recipe.



Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

I checked here yesterday to see if you had a new post yet. I guess I was too early.

What fun! I trust Skippy had a wonderful birthday.

Dinner sounds like it was scrumptious!


Kerin said...

happy, happy (belated) birthday to your husband!
I know how dear he is to you... and I hope that he had a wonderful birthday!!

Smiles :)


Diana Ferguson said...

Love the cupcake deal!! Happy late birthday to him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for stopping by to say "Hello."

I have lost 15 pounds, but I seem to be stuck at my current weight right now. I keep trying and know that eventually things WILL change. Most days I a happy with my Progress. :)

I have cut my half and half to about two tablespoon and sugar to two packets when buying coffee. It usually replaces my breakfast, and it is something I only have occasionally as a way to spend time with my daughter.

I hope you are doing well with your new eating plan.