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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Please Vote For Our Sweet Friend

Many of you who follow my blog visit and follow the same friends as I do.  How AWESOME that is to me to know that we have so much in common, like a lot of the same things, and are very close in our thoughts, values and beliefs.

Today I wanted to share with you (just in case you didn't already know) that our dear friend Kat, from over at ART'S CHILI PEPPER has been nominated as one of the "Top 25 Large Family Blogs" by Circle of Moms.  How cool is that? 

Kat is a precious woman of God, and a very loving and devoted wife to Alan, and incredible mother and teacher to their 8 absolutely GORGEOUS children.  Her greatest goal is to see each of her children come to know the Lord and be totally sold out for Him.

Kat enjoys quiet moments with her husband, cuddling with her kids, Bible studies, Starbucks, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, cooking, healthy living, ball room dancing, Disney World, playing games, going on vacation, walks on the beach, fishing, and hanging out with her family.

If you have not been over to Kat's yet, please take a moment to stop by and say hello.  I promise  you won't be disappointed. 

If you love what you have read about Kat and her family, PLEASE post about it on your blog.  If your really love it, you can put a button on your side bar to encourage  your readers to take time to vote as well.

Here's the cool part....You can vote once very 24 hours from now until August 1st so don't forget to stop back and every day and place your vote.  If you already know Kat and want to place your vote NOW, you can do so by clicking HERE!


Kerin said...

I've never run across this blog....going over now to check it out!
Have a great Sunday.

Smiles :)

chili pepper said...

I read this on my phone back during the campaign and never got over here on the computer to say a great big thank you, my friend!