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Friday, June 1, 2012

I Found My Grandmother In A Box

We are participating in a multi-family yard sale tomorrow (Saturday & Sunday), so for the past few days, I have been going through boxes, our closets, and the shed, trying to get rid of and simplify even more than we already did when we moved. This is something I really should have done before now.

As I was going through one of the boxes, I was delighted to find some of the afghans our grandmother Foxy had made.It was nice to take time and take each one out and just remember those special times with her and my family, especially around the holidays.  Man, could she cook!  lol

I LOVE these afghans, but it's time to share these treasures with my sisters.   Every time we snuggle up in one of these, it's like getting a big ((((HUG)))) from Foxy!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful afghans, and beautiful memories :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are lovely!

My husband has one that his mother made for him when he was a child. We also have one that his great-aunt made. They are precious treasures.

:) Hope

Mrs. JP said...

Those are priceless, glad you found them and can enjoy them.

Snooks said...

I agree completely with the quilt hug. I have several here with me that are treasures from times past and hold many memories for us as well.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

craftycountrymomma said...

These are Beautiful.