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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Been Gone Too Long

"I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how 
to live in prosperity!" 
~Philippians 4:11-12~

 WOW......I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I thought it was just a week or so that I had been away..  Boy, was I *W*R*O*N*G*!  lol

Things here have been going well and we have been keeping pretty busy. I have been trying to get the rest of our boxes unpacked so I can get my sewing room finished and I can start crafting again.  I have so many ideas that are running around my head, it's sometimes hard to sleep.  I have also enjoyed planting some flowers in pots, bowls, baskets, or whatever I can find. 

One of the many little blessings that God has provided for us is a fence.  I have always wanted one around my yard and now I have one.  I so want to put a hammock in the corner spot to the right of this section, just out of view. (and not to mention having one on the screened in porch!)  The trees hang over and it is so peaceful with such beautiful defused lighting. This section sits against the neighbor's side yard.  They are a very sweet young couple with an adorable little boy who's getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall.

My Skippy Man has been trying to get the chicken run put together for the ladies.  After my run in with a raccoon a little while back that ended the life of our beloved Bethany, it has been important to me to have a safe place where they can run around and forage in safety.  
This is a picture of their coop.  Six beautiful Amberlink hens take up residency here.  As you can see, Skippy is once again using pallets to build the run.  They were FREE, and you know that is this "Frugal Female's" favorite word!   

Whenever we have a chance to use materials that have already been or can still be recycled, we do.  It just makes perfect sense.  It doesn't cost us anything and it is not adding unnecessary waste into the landfill.  
When Skippy is finished building, the run will go around 3/4 of the coop this time, enclosing it all in.  There will a section that is just wire so they can still do their favorite activity...sunbathe, and a section that will be covered to keep give them shade from the sun and keep them dry in the rain. 

Last Wednesday evening, I had a run in with what the neighbor believes was a baby cub when I came home from Bible Study.  I do know that if there is a cub.....that momma's not too far behind.  I sat in my car, not moving for about 10 minutes, waiting to see if it came back.  When I finally got out of the car, as soon as I closed the door, the motion sensor light went out and I was in total darkness.  NOOOOOO!!  I have never run through the yard and up the stairs as fast as I did that night!  lol

The girls are adjusting nicely to life in the holler.  They love to come out onto the side deck with me while I hang up the laundry and sit on our camping chairs and watch me.  lol  They are just too cute.  They love taking long walks up and down the road with Skippy and I, and catch up on all the latest news with the other dogs in the neighborhood! 

There are times here when I feel so isolated, being so far "out in the boonies" but the those days are far outweighed by the blessings that God has given us here.  As my friend Andrea says...."It's like a little piece of heaven here!"

Thank you, Father, for bringing us to this beautiful holler.  I know we will be here until YOUR work that has been set before us is complete!


Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,

What a pleasant picture of your home.

That is a lovely picture of the petunia. My mother always planted petunias, so they are one of my favorite flowers (all of the flowers she love are the ones I love).

I love the fence, too. Also, using old wood is prettier than new…the rustic look is what I like. Your place is looking beautiful.

The funny thing is, although we live in the suburbs, because we are near the river we have had raccoon in our yard, and other night creatures. A couple of times deer have entered the neighborhood, and also turkeys. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about bears!

Although I am technically not visiting blogs right now, I just HAD to pop over and see you.


Cathy said...

Glad you are adjusting well and accomplishing the things you want. It sounds pretty wonderful!

Just Be Real said...

Laura, glad you are back. Seems you are getting things straighten out. Blessings.

Kerin said...

Good morning Laura..
So happy that you are back!!

Time certainly seems to fly by, doesn't it ?!!

Love that you have a heart for re-purposing. So do I. I would rather re-use, and re-purpose things, than throw them away, or see others throw them away.

The chicken run is going to be awesome, and it will have a great patina from using that old wood.

Looking forward to seeing all the great projects that you're working on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,

I wrote you a letter on my Mailbox blog…and posted a picture of some wild visitors to our neighborhood.


Pat said...

I love your blog and all of the pictures but also the mental pictures of your bliss you seem to feel where you are.