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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Rain

The weather here has been beautiful these past few days and we have been  mowing the lawn and doing some yard work, while trying to plan and get things ready for the vegetable garden.  However, today it has been raining steadily, and for that, I am  thankful, as we have really needed it.

How is the weather where you are?  Are you enjoying the sunshine and the warmth of spring?  Is it cool and rainy?  Or are you still getting snow like some of our friends?

Whatever the weather, I hope that you are enjoying it!


Snooks said...

Your weather sounds very much like ours Over here in southeastern Wa. Had some sun and warmer temps, having rain currently and it is supposed to warm up to the mid 70's over the weekend. Can't wait for that! It's been way too long since I've felt those temps. Have a good end of the week and great weekend!

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Mrs. JP said...

we had the cool rainies earlier this week. Now, in Tennessee, it's warm and sunny. I can almost see the yard growing!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We had a big rain storm last Friday. Then it was cold out and now it's in the 90's!

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,

Over the last week and a half, we had heavy rains, hail, and thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms. We had a very dry winter, so the rains were a blessing.

Yesterday was very warm, like summer, but wonderful. Even at 10:30 in the evening, the temperature was 79 outdoors. Today is going to be another “summer” day. It is 7:24 A.M. and we already have the whole-house fan running.

Happy Gardening!