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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Rash, A Rake, And A Wagon

Kiddo had been sick for
a couple of days with the chills, body aches, and a sore throat.  By Friday evening, he was feeling much better.  We were able to attend the "HomeLife Cafe" on Saturday and it was AMAZING!  Thank you, Father, for the wonderful revival team from Life Action that is visiting our church.....we have been so blessed by all of them!

Well, we got up Sunday morning to get ready for church and I noticed a rash on Kiddo's neck and chest.  I have tried an antihistamine and some other things, but it is still there.  We finally were able to get a doctor's appointment for tomorrow at 2:30.  Please pray that our doctor can figure out what is wrong.

The trees are so beautiful blooming, it makes me want to plant my little heart out, but that will come later.  Kiddo and I have been keeping busy with school work and getting things done around the house and yard.  Today I raked up along the side of the house by the deck and Kiddo helped me get rid of all the leaves, broken branches, and rocks that were all over the place. He was such a big help and there was not one complaint.....not even when I rolled the wagon over his foot, he just chuckled and smiled.....what a guy!  I wanted to make sure that was all taken care of before we started to mow.  The last thing I want is a rock or branch to come flying out from under the tractor and shatter a window......that so would NOT be good! 

I pray you all had a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!


Snooks said...

Sounds like you and your kiddo had an enjoyable day.
Glad that all of you were able to go to the revival and hope that your dr.s office visit goes well.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Anonymous said...

Laura, what a lovely photo!

Thank you for stopping over.

It is good to hear that Kiddo was well enough for you all to attend your HomeLife Café.
I hope that Kiddo is okay. I will be praying for him and looking to hear that all is well.

How wonderful of Kiddo to be an encouragement and helper to you. Praise God~


Kerin said...

Hi Laura
Such a beautiful picture of Spring blossoms.
How's the rash on your little one?
Any answers to what it is??
Sending warm wishes that it clears up, and is nothing serious.

I want to invite you to follow and read along on my new blog (the old one is staying private, and just for the fam.)
Just click on my name next to this comment, and it should take you right to my blog :)
I'm going to add your blog to my blog list, and I've already started following you.

Hope to see you soon :)
Hugs.. Kerin @
always fixin' never sittin' .blog

Jeanette Levellie said...

Yes, I will pray your kiddo be healed.

The trees are lovely here, too. I love the purple and pink ones.


chili pepper said...

I've been praying for kiddo. We do hope he is feeling better today. I know we have had our share of sickness the last week or so but it seems we are on the upswing. Drop me a message and let me know how the doctor turned out.



Just Be Real said...

Sounds like a great day. Awesome photo dear one. Blessings.

mountain mama said...

we have some allergies goin' on over here...the trees are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hope it was nothing serious ... Love,

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with Kiddo.


Anonymous said...

Hello Laura!

It was such a pleasant surprise to see you on my blog this morning! I pray that all things are working together for good that at Goose Hill Farm. ☺ I am looking forward to your next post.