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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY. . . . . .simple-woman-daybook-small

Outside my window... this morning we had a light rain, but now it is sunny and warm, with a gentle breeze blowing

I am thinking... there is so much I want to do in the yard already.  Thinking about where to put the garden

I am thankful... for my salvation, for the love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my family, and for My Skippy Man.....I truly don't deserve them!

I am creating... some new clothespins, making patterns for my clothespin bags, and designing a quilt for me.  I normally don't keep what I  make, so I decided to make one for myself this time

I am hoping... the pictures I took at my niece's wedding came out.  I left my computer in my sister's van when she dropped me off this morning, so I haven't had a chance to look at them

I am looking forward to... enjoying a nice quiet evening with My Skippy Man.  We have been gone since Thursday morning.........I have missed him terribly!

I am pondering... I was actually pondering a couple of things:  
1 - Why do phone companies give you a number to call if your phone doesn't work?
2 - Why does unscented hairspray smell? 
3 - What is Mother Goose's real first name?  
4 - How do they unclog mail chutes in skyscrapers?

A quote for today... 
"If you tickle the earth with a hoe she laughs with a harvest!"  - Douglas William Jerrold 

One of my favorite things...old barns, they have such amazing stories to tell

A few plans for the rest of the week...unpack from our trip, clean up the yard, take donations to the thrift store, plant some seeds

A peek into my day... 
I just LOVE my ladies!!!  Meredith, one of our seven Amberlink hens, really enjoys sunbathing.  Here she had just finished her soak, and is now enjoying the pretty daffodils
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chili pepper said...

Hoping you had a great time in Texas. Love the photo at the bottom.



PS... you know the wedding photos came out great bc you know that God worked out the details for you to do it... so how could it not be great?

Theresa said...

What a pretty hen! You sure ponder some interesting thoughts. I enjoyed the music during my visit today :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,

This is a good question: Why do phone companies give you a number to call if your phone doesn't work? ☺

I also love old barns!

This is such a charming picture of the red barn house, here at the end of the comment section.

See You!

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,

I just wanted to update you on Renee’s blog…(the GLOW Academy link on you blog list does not link to her new blog). I found her blog through searching Google.

Here is her new blog link:

Also, since I no longer at Pleasant Simplicity, that link goes nowhere.

This is my link for True Best Friend:

See You!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Sure would love to hear more about (see) those clothespins!
I just love visiting your blog...it's like a lovely stroll down a country lane:)