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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Music Playlist

Ok, I don't know about you, but every now and then I go through these phases where I just HAVE to listen to the "oldies" from my growing up. It's hard to believe that my music is now considered "the oldies!" ROFLOL! My Skippy Man says I'm stuck in the 70's....oh, well! lol

I think it is AWESOME when a song brings back memories of special time or person in your life.  That is such a wonderful feeling!  I hope you know some of the songs I have chosen.  If there is a special one YOU would like added.....just let me know!

Well, I'm off......time to crank up the music and do the dishes!

May God fill our lives abundantly with love, joy, and PEACE throughout the coming year!


Cathy said...

May God bless you Laura and your family in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura...just wanting to wish you a New Year filled with sweet and simple blessings! Hugs ♥ Teri

Mrs. JP said...

Wow,,,I thought I'd never get to post this comment. Blogger land must be slow.
I love "big-band" music--it helps me clean! Then there are those songs that one hates but runs round and round in your head. I've heard a remedy for that, by the way, it's singing the words to Gilligan's Island to the tune of Amazing Grace. :O) It's helped me before.
Happy and blessed new year.

Mrs. JP said...

ACH,,,,I must correct myself.
You sing the words to Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island. Sorry :O)

chili pepper said...

Music is so powerful. God is so good to give us such a beautiful way to praise Him that also brings us so many blessings.



Judy B said...

I love your playlist, Laura. I have one or two of same songs on my Playlist.We both love Jars of Clay! :) Anyway, I mainly wanted to thank you for visiting MY blog-Gosplgirls Reflections. You can also find me on Twitter at JudyB1169 and Facebook at Judy Berisford-from Florida(apparently there are 2 of us!!) Have a blessed 2012. I post on Facebook ALOT. If you are on there, too, please friend me. Thanks!

Judy B said...

I'm sorry, I also forgot to tell you that I LOVE your blog motiff! I am a Southern girl(love the mountains and all that) and love rural-themed things!!! :) God Bless!