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Friday, December 23, 2011

Primitive Candle Garland

I have a bag that I  take with me in the car, that is whenever I can remember, so I can keep my hands busy.  I don't like to be idle, although sometimes I don't have a choice.

These primitive candle garlands are very easy to make and don't take much time at all.  You can make your circles and tie whatever size you want to fit whatever candle you have.

For the garland, you will need:

3 different fabrics for your yo-yo's
3 matching buttons
sewing needle & thread

For your circles, you need to make sure you cut your fabric out with a circumference DOUBLE the size you want your finished circles to be.  I made a template out of cardboard that has a 4 inch circumference because I wanted my yo-yo's to be 2 inches when I was finished.

After you have finished cutting out your circles, you will sew small stitches all around the outside edge.  When you have gone all the way around, pull your thread, gathering your circle in the middle.  Don't cut your thread yet.  Here I make a couple of extra stitches, just to make sure the ends stay together.  Now it's time to sew on your button.   When you get that sewn on, cut your thread.

Now it's time to lay your yo-yo's upside down, in the order you want them.  Sew them together at the edges that touch.  After that, tack your twine to the back of each yo-yo.  I stitched it in three places on the back of each one, making sure it is really secure.  Now all you have to do is tie it around your candle!


Anonymous said...

That is cute...

Mrs. JP said...

I have been making yo-yo's but never thought to put the button in the middle...so cute!