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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's A Dirty Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It

"A happy hen is a productive hen!"

Well, it's that time again to clean out the hen house. With the cold weather coming, we needed to clean out the old shavings, and pile in a good few inches of the new stuff.  As you can see, a hen house can get very dirty.

Ahhh....I love my multipurpose snow shovel!  lol

While I was shoveling out, Bethany decided it was a 
good time to hop inside the nesting box with the eggs . . . .

count them . . . .

and then sit on them.  I removed the eggs, put some fresh bedding underneath her, 
and brought the eggs to the house.  When I returned . . . .

someone was sound asleep.

I continued shoveling and took two trailer loads

to the compost pile at the edge of our woods

Underneath are the remains of our tomato plants

Ahhhh. . . .fresh, clean bedding.....and it's so.....thick and cozy!  
The better to keep you warm with during the winter, my dear!


Since we were cleaning out and sprucing up, I thought I
would try and beautify the house a little for the ladies.

We had some extra bedding that had gotten wet (that's why it's orange) 
and some brick just sitting around so I decided to put them both to good use.

I was going to put flowers in the beds but decided against it

Ok, ladies. . . .it's time to start headin' in



Mrs. JP said...

Wow, Laura,,,you put in a full day. The hens must appreciate, in their own way, the new bedding and places to scratch.
Do you do your garden in raised beds? I ask because I really need to do something easier and closer to the house because of my back and wondered if it's easier and how you like it.

Cathy said...

Sweet. My brother and his family are raising chickens too. They seem to really enjoy it too.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sure is a lot of work but when you love something so much it doesn't feel that way does it?
A labor of love.

Anonymous said...

You take such good care of those hens ... :) Looks GREAT!