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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feeling Blue

WOW. . . . I can't believe how fast time flies.  It has been 12 weeks since our baby New Hampshire Reds were born.  They have grown by leaps and bounds over this short period of time it just boggles my mind!  I don't remember our Amberlink chicks growing that fast, but perhaps they did.  It has been hysterically funny watching them run around the yard, foraging for bugs.  They LOVE IT when I bring special treats outside for them to eat.  Cheese grits and oatmeal are their favorites. Chickens are such snackers!  lol

Three weeks ago, Gena decided that her babies were old enough to fend for themselves, and dropped them like a hot potato.  They would call for her, but she was more interested in getting back in with the flock, and reestablishing her place in the pecking order, which is ON TOP!  I had read about how the mammas would turn their backs on their babies when their time being a mom was finished, but didn't realize how abrupt this transition really was.  Man, we really DO learn something everyday, don't we?   

Today is a day that I knew was a possibility, and I had tried to prepare myself, but that never really works, does it?  Today I am feeling a bit blue and have been crying all morning as I had to say goodbye to my three New Hampshire Red babies,  Nugget, Filet, and Drumstick.  We knew that there was a possibility that one or all of the chicks would be cockerels, but I was praying that they would all be hens, which would give us another 21 eggs a week.  UNFORTUNATELY, two of the babies are roosters, so we won't be able to keep them.  I have always wanted a rooster....I love to listen to them crow.  My Skippy Man, on the other hand, does not want roosters.  They can make a lot of noise and he doesn't want to bother the neighbors....neither do I.

As some of you remember, we got the eggs back in the beginning of July from my sister, C. and her husband, CF.  They have hens and roosters and said they would LOVE to take whatever roosters we might have. Skippy wanted us to keep the one hen, but she and the two boys stuck together like glue and I just don't have the heart to separate them, so they agreed to take all three.  Hey, that works out good for them....they'll get extra eggs now!

It has been hard for me today......they are my babies.  I have been with them every day for 12 weeks, holding them and loving on them.  They had learned my voice and would come when I called them.  And just Monday, Filet had just started to crow.  Oh, that is the funniest thing......it sounded like he was trying to cough up a hairball, but oh, what a sweet sound it was to this mamma's ears!!  :> )

I know that they are in good hands, are going to a wonderful home, and will get lots of love.  I can go and visit them any time I want which is AWESOME!  I know C. will love it since she will actually be able to hold these babies and love on them too, something her chickens won't let her do.   I guess if my babies can give a little bit of joy into my sister's life......it's all worth it!  THANK YOU, C!!

Goodbye, my sweet babies.....


Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, dear Laura, I ache along with you. It's the love of God in our hearts that gives us this kind of love for our pets. May Jesus' grace surround your heart today...

I love the photos!

Amy said...


I so understand!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so sorry but it sounds like they will have a loving home.