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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Tomato

“I planted, but God was causing the growth!”
1 Corinthians 3:6

Tomato so juicy
so firm and so round
I can hardly believe
you came from the ground

Filled with vitamins
light and Love
my pallat delights again
in my mouth you I shove

upon the white bread
sprinkled with salt & pepper
layered with lettuce
and it tastes even better

Bright red and meaty
that's how I like it
not tainted with toxins
that leave me decrepit

No wicked witch
with a poison apple
I've made the switch
and chose to go natural

Corporations can make
their "ugly" tomato
but when I bake
I'll go from farm to table
Author Unknown


Ruth said...

Those tomatoes look so healthy and yummy!

Beautiful verse, too.

It's good to visit you again, Laura. Thanks for the beautiful music :-)

Hope everything's well with you and family.


Mrs. JP said...

yours are beautiful, I'm trying not to be jealous. The crows absolutely ruined my tomato patch this year. Out of twenty plants I only got a handful of tomatoes. My hubby said,,,"Well, honey, they let you have that garden for a long time before they found it." Nice perspective.