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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Firin' It Up!

Sunday was rainy and a bit chilly so Skippy thought it was a perfect day to fire up the wood stove to make sure everything was working right.  So, off to the yard he went to finding some kindling and getting some dry wood.  It's a good thing I made a kindling pile last week, huh?  lol

At first there was a little bit of smoke inside, but after the temperature rose, it dissipated.  We will have to go up on the roof and put the metal brush through to loosen up the creosote so we can clean it out.  This is not a difficult job......just takes a little bit of time.

While My Skippy Man was working on the stove, I was in the kitchen cooking up a pot of homemade chicken and noodle soup.  I never follow a recipe for this........I just add whatever seasonings I want to taste.

 During the winter season, our stove is in use EVERYDAY!!!  Not only does it heat our home, but I use it to cook on and heat water for doing the dishes, making our liquid laundry detergent, etc..  It saves a BUNCH on our electric bill.  This year I will find a way to make some kind of baking box to go on the top, around the pipe.  How awesome would THAT be?   Actually, I would absolutely LOVE and old fashioned cast iron cook stove......SOME DAY!

Do you have a wood stove?  If you do, I'd LOVE to come by see it! Please leave a comment and a link back to your blog so I can come and see you!!


Emily Fay said...

I would love a wood stove! I know what you mean about the winter months - we use our stove almost everyday too! :) Have a lovely day!

mountain mama said...


we need to test the one here to see if it's in working order :)

Melanie said...

I had a wood stove when I was growing up, Laura. I would love to have one now! It can put out some heat!! They do save a lot on electric bills. Your soup looks yummy!♥
Hope your week is going well!