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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Candling Experience

Last night, My Skippy Man and I went out to the coop and had our first candling experience together. Sounds romantical, huh? lol It was pretty cool, actually. We took our girl out of her nesting box for a little evening snack and a cold drink and while she was chowing down, we took the eggs out, one-by-one and held them over the bright flashlight, cupping our hand at the bottom to direct all the light upwards, toward the egg. Now remember, we are new to this so we still have a lot to learn in this area.

Out of the seven eggs, we saw two that were spotted. I read that this could be due to bacteria contamination, but I am going to check again tomorrow, just to be sure before I get rid of them. If they are bad, they can easily be broken and will STINK to high heaven.....PEE-YEW!!!!    Three of the eggs had a dark band, which could possibly be little peeps.  Then there were two that had air sacks on the ends.  These are DEFINITELY good eggs!  WOO HOO!  Now this is only day 10 and she still has ten-twelve days left, so I'm not counting my chickens before they're hatched!  (sorry, I couldn't resist!)  lol

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish I could say I have some pics for you but blondie here, forgot to charge the batteries for our camera! :> (  I did bring it out to the coop with me though....does that count for something?   I will try again tomorrow evening (the batteries are already charging) and see if I can get some pictures, hopefully making it easier for me to compare them and really give me a better idea of how many little peeps we really have!

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Barbara said...

Oh that is exciting, I did that before with our eggs we were incubating, I had a great success rate, 31 out of 34 eggs hatched, and became perfect little chickens, I do love it, and you can see them in there when candeling hugs and happy clucking, lol