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Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicken Yard

Before I left for Texas, My Skippy Man built a "chicken yard" to go along with the "chicken run" he built last year. With me being gone and Skippy working all day and then at the ball field all evening, we needed somewhere for them to go so they wouldn't be "cooped up" in the heat all day long.

So, we decided to use recycled materials that were lovingly given to us by friends and family. All he did was screw together old pallets and chicken wire. Skippy put this AWESOME yard together in just a couple of hours. As you can see in the last picture, the girls are really enjoying themselves.

Thanks to My WONDERFUL Skippy Man, I was able to take Bean back home and not have to worry about my girls becoming "roasted chickens" while I was gone.
The back of their house before he started

My poor guy was out in the 100* heat building this for me
Hey, Ruth....what do you think he's doing? 
Bethany is not quite sure what's going on

You . . . Are . . . AWESOME!


Cathy said...

Nice. My brother just started raising chickens.

July 8th, 1977 said...

Looks GREAT! using pallets is a great way to save in wood. :) And rain cover is awesome for chickens. :)

Deborah said...

WOW, that looks great! I should print this and show my mother's neighbor, she is always trying to build something for her chickens and this looks awesome!
Two thumbs up!!

chili pepper said...

Nice job, Skippy! Have you all read any of Joel Salitin's stuff concerning chicken business. He has some neat ideas on portable yards and all kinds of good stuff. Just looking at the pictures in his book are entertaining. ☺



Mrs. JP said...

That's a great chicken yard. Don't you love it when something can be made from things that cost $0!!!!! Way to go Skippy.
My neighbor has chickens and I occasionally go over there with the scraps from my crisper to treat them. They know me and my call to them....so funny.