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Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, I have been TRYING to make a banner for my Etsy store using the graphic to on the right for awhile, but for some reason, I can't get it right. Now this won't surprise Renee over at Glow Academy at all.  I can NEVER seem to get things to work right for me when it comes to the internet or my blog.  lol 

Have any of you made your own Etsy banner? What program did you use?  I could really use some direction!



Anonymous said...

Hey Laura - this is Bevy - I used "picture it" or Digital picture maker on my computer - I tried to make it the size that was needed - and I would download it to Etsy and then see if the lettering went well - like it wasn't cut off - etc. You know the most important part would usually be.
So try some sort of picture thing on your computer - Corel may also work.
I'll be praying for you... :) LOve July!

Emily Fay said...

So neat to see you have an Etsy shop! I do too. I have used Photoshop to create mine - then I can paste and crop whatever images I want in it. :)

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Ladies~

I have been using the Paint program on my computer and have even used photobucket to resize, but it never works! lol

I will keep trying though...I WILL BEAT THIS! lol

Emily Fay - what is the name of your Etsy store, please? :> )


Anonymous said...


happy momma said...

Hi Laura, I'm sure you will get it right soon. I have an Etsy store account but have not set it all up yet, can't seem to find the time to get everything done. I'll be checking to see how you worked everything out, as you know I'm not that great on things computer either. God Bless

Autumn Mist said...

Hi Laura, sorry I haven't dropped in for a while, I've been catching up with everyone's goings on. Sorry I can't help with the etsy store thing, I wouldn't have a clue! Just wanted to say how cute your new dog is. We had one at dog training a couple of weeks ago, and although she was a year old, all she wanted to do was run around and play, too. Must be something about the breed!