With God at the center of our lives, even the simplest of things are infused with peace and joy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Please Pray With Me

Last night, my dear friend Renee over at "Glow Academy", found out that her son and husband were involved in a head on collision with another vehicle.  Jacob has been released from the hospital and is home now with Renee, but Jeff was airlifted to another hospital.  Jeff is in stable condition, but is on a ventilator and heavily sedated to keep him from moving so his body can heal.

Please join me in prayer on their behalf! I know that God can give him ultimate healing!

God bless!

And Awaaaaay, We Go!

In the morning, I will be driving back to Texas with Bean, where she will be spending some much needed R&R time with Tex. After his leave, he will go back to Iraq and then he should be back in a month and a half and will BE HOME FOR GOOD! PRAISE THE LORD!

I will have my camera with me and all my cables so hopefully I will be able to post some pics while Kiddo and I are gone.  I will only be gone for a week as I know My Skippy Man will miss us TERRIBLY! :> )

Today we are finishing up packing and loading up the vehicles.  So much to do, but I have to be honest, I really don't want to do it!  It's TOO STINKIN' HOT!  lol

Well, it's back to packing and loading.  Keep cool and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


WOW, THAT WENT FAST!  I'm sorry, but this offer has already been closed! 

HURRY!! FREE Tide Stain Release Sample for FIRST 15,000 ONLY!   

To get your FREE sample, please click HERE!


Regal Entertainment has planned a fun-filled summer of select movies for kids and parents. Regal has proudly offered this summer fun since 1991. This year, all selected movies will have only a $1.00 admission.

Selected G or PG movies start at 10:00 am every Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. Tickets and seating are first-come, first-served and are limited to theater capacity.

The Summer Movie Express is safe, lots of fun, and a great way for kids to spend a weekday morning in the summer. (and did I mention it's air conditioned?  :> )  Tickets for the 2011 Summer Movie Express are exclusively available at select theater's box office on the day of the show.

To find out if there is a participating theater near you, please click HERE!

Thank you, Regal Entertainment. You're AWESOME!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, I have been TRYING to make a banner for my Etsy store using the graphic to on the right for awhile, but for some reason, I can't get it right. Now this won't surprise Renee over at Glow Academy at all.  I can NEVER seem to get things to work right for me when it comes to the internet or my blog.  lol 

Have any of you made your own Etsy banner? What program did you use?  I could really use some direction!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Working On

Now that I have some of my cosmetic bags done, I need to finish this quilt I started for a gift before I can move on to my next project.

What are YOU working on?

Our Newest Addition To The Farm & The Festival

Good morning!  Things have been CRAZY-BUSY around here lately.  Between school, things at church, Little League concessions, trying to open my Etsy stor, getting things ready for the festival, and a bunch of other stuff, I just haven't had much time left to blog.

I did want to take a quick moment this morning to introduce to you the newest addition to the farm.  I would like you to meet Miss Snickers.  She is an adorable puggle (pug/beagle) pup.  She is not quite a year old yet.  Skippy saw her at the ballfield one evening during one of the games, sitting there nicely with her family.  He started talking with them about Pheobe, who is a pug.  He found out that they were looking for a new home for Snickers. Her family has to move and they are not allowed to bring her with them.  My Skippy Man thought it would be a great idea for us to take her since we already have a pug.  Plus, Bean will be leaving in two weeks to go back home to TX and she will be taking Mugsy and Dexter with her, leaving Princess Phoebe all alone.  And THAT, just couldn't happen!  lol

We have had Miss Snickers for about a week now and she has done very well with the other dogs.  She does, however, like to play.....A LOT, and Pheobe is a much more laid back kind of dog and would much rather just be lounging around!  lol

We had a great time at the Festival of Spring this past weekend.  Bean did great with her booth, "CUPCAKE COSMETICS".  She had everything set up so nice and cute and even had a giveaway of one of my cosmetic bags and three brand new colors she made for the drawing.

 She even had business cards. . . . .

and a sign.

I sold seven of my cosmetic bags and I have an order for five more, along with an order for a diaper bag, a laptop case, and a set of toiletry bags. WOO HOO!

Do any of you have an Etsy store? If so, would you be kind enough to leave a link for us to visit?

Thank you, Father, for such a wonderful experience at the festival. It was so good to spend the day with Bean, really not having to worry about anything other than being together. You are so AWESOME!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm A Winner! WOOT! WOOT!

A few weeks ago, Renee over at GLOW ACADEMY was having a giveaway and I was one of the WINNERS!     WOO HOO!  She offered three different prizes to three different winners.  I was so excited I won the watermelon apron.  Isn't it so nice?


Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin

"Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles" 

Proverbs 24:17

Beautiful Day

It is another beautiful day here in the Valley. We have been out mowing and weed eating, and just admiring God's handi-work.  I am having to keep the chickens inside for now because of all the commotion in the yard.  I don't want them running off, never to return again!  lol   Yesterday, I found them in my friend's yard, which normally is fine with her, but they were little rascals and tore up her flower bed in the front of her house.  Thankfully they didn't EAT her flowers, they were just foraging through the mulch and dirt for some yummy bugs.  I didn't have my phone or camera to take any pictures of the mess.  To be honest, I never thought they were having such a good time over there in the bed!  lol

The rest of the day will be stuff around the house and some more sewing until it's time to open the concession stand for the game tonight. It's less than two weeks till the festival and there is so much to get done.

Well, I'm off to finish the yard.  See you later!