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Monday, March 7, 2011

Farm T.V. - Episode 3 - Limpin' Along

The other day while the girls were out, I decided to give them a little treat of oatmeal. Oh, they just LOVE IT, especially when it's warm and I put apple sauce in it! lol When I called them to come and get it, only six came running over. I looked and listened, but no Gena. I finally found her around the side of the house by the back porch, just standing there. When I called her again, she started coming towards me, but really slow. Then I noticed that she was limping. "OH, NO....WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, BABY GIRL?" (YES, I talk to my chickens and they LOVE IT!!) Oh, my heart breaks to see her hurting!

I picked Gena up, gave her a gentle hug and a back scratch, and then checked her toes. I was looking to see if there was something on it or if she had a cut, or perhaps one of them were broken, but I found nothing. I think she may have gotten her leg caught in between the deck boards and hurt her hock (the leg joint which bends in the opposite direction to a human knee) or her shank (her lower leg). I've been keeping a close eye on her just to make sure she doesn't show any signs of anything else happening with her.

Here is a short clip of my limpin' baby. . . . .

Awww. . . . . doesn't she look so sad? :> (

I'm praying my little girl's leg feels better quickly!


Melanie said...

Poor little Gena. :(
I hope she'll be feeling better very soon!

Kimberly said...

Poor thing...Hope she is at least limping better now! :-)