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Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Having Issues

Things here have been busy as usual, but this time we are having computer issues as well. Our laptop died last week, and getting on-line with this dinosaur of a desktop, at times, is not worth the frustration it gives me. I have been trying to post via my daughter's cell phone, but alas....my attempts have been futile. I can access facebook from there and leave comments, but that's about it, as it won't let me send private messages either!

Saturday was our church Valentine's Banquet and it was just WONDERFUL! We had, I believe, 172 people in attendance. Prime Rib or Honey Orange Glazed Chicken was on the menu. G-girl and I put together the decorations together and had some amazing ladies help us. (Thank you, L and F!) I will be uploading pics later today if my computer will let me!

After the banquet when we got home, Kiddo doubled over in pain and started vomiting. This, in itself was a milestone for him because when he was a baby, he had a surgical procedure done that makes it very difficult for him to vomit unless he is really ill. He ran to the bathroom eight times that night. I guess he was making up for 17 years prior! :> (

Today, he is feeling great and is back to his old self again. It is almost 60 and GORGEOUS here today so we are going to go out and take a walk and get some fresh air and sunshine! It will do him and my spirit good! There is nothing like talking to God on a beautiful, warm, sunshiny day, AMEN?

So, how are you doing? I hope all is well with you and that you and your family's have managed to avoid the "yuck" that seems to be going around.

Have a great week!


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Melanie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Laura!♥
The weather is so nice here today too!
I hope your computer issues can be fixed quickly. :)