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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Frugal

I was surfing the net and random blogging, and found some of these WONDERFUL frugal tips!

**You know those net bags that onions, some apples, and the Thanksgiving turkeys come in? Save it and use it again. Wadded up it makes a very nice pot or potato cleaner. Or run a bit of a shoelace through it to make a draw-sting back and hang it up over the bathtub faucet and use for letting toys drip dry. Or, put a sweater in it, or panty-hose, etc, and tie it closed. Run it through the gentle cycle in the wash to keep it from snagging on something

**Take your old socks, stitch the toes together and clamp them in an old clamp style mop for a fresh new mop with lots of cleaning power

**Have a law-mower that doesn't work? Remove the motor from the base, bolt a board to the base, and you now have a dolly that does work for moving heavy items

**Sometimes your windshield wipers don't need to be replaced- they need to be cleaned. Vinegar and water should do that

**I just read about a woman who saved 30 percent of the electric bill by telling her older teenaged daughter that instead of charging her rent, she was making him responsible for the electric bill (hmmmm!) lol


chili pepper said...

Thanks for the tips, Laura.

Cathy said...

Good tips, especially the last one!