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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I found this recipe for Nutella Mousse the other night while I was looking for something to make for dinner. After dessert, I asked My Skippy Man if he liked it. His response was.........


Now that's what I like to hear! :> )

For this SUPER EASY and addictive recipe, you will need:

16 tablespoons of Cool Whip or whipped topping of your choice
4 tablespoons Nutella
1/4 cup chopped almonds or nut of your choice

Add ingredients together and mix. EAT! lol

WAIT.......I'm sorry, I have a confession to make. I did not follow this recipe exactly. When I made this, I just kept scooping Cool-Whip, Nutella, and nuts into a bowl....it was like my arm had a mind of its own and just kept scooping. LOL!

Okay, I feel better now!


Sandy said...

Ha! Well, what do ya know? I
just bought some Nutella today
at the store. We usually mix
it with yogurt, whatever fruit
we have on hand, and nuts,
usually walnuts or almonds.
I will try it your way tonight.

Debbie S. said...

This sounds good. do you eat it like pudding?