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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning!

Good morning! I am enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and an Apple Toaster Struedel (I cheated this morning and had the frozen kind) while doing my Bible Study. Care to join me?

In our study, we are reading "Fresh Wind Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades The Hearts Of His People" by Jim Cymbala, and it is AMAZING! This book is a great testimony as to how God wants us to be; loving, forgiving and merciful, with the people in most need of God.

Within the framework of telling the story of his own ministry, Jim Cymbala illustrates the awesome power that can only be tapped when we communicate with God through prayer. This book will also inspire you with testimonies of what God can do in the lives of everyday people when His people pray!

I am truly looking forward to the follow-up book, "Fresh Faith!"


Just Be Real said...

Laura thank you for the post and thank you for your kind comments of support for me. Means a lot. Blessings.

Autumn Mist said...

This sounds good, it might make a good pressie for hubby. Is it a question and answer type of study, or just a book to read through and discuss? I am going to reveal all about my Bible study next month.

Linda said...

Hi Laura, Is your study open to everyone? I would love to join in! Sounds so good.
Enjoy your day.
Blessings and hugs

brooke lynn said...

great quote, love it!!!

just found your blog, very cute!!