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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

URRGGHH! and Aww!

Before last week, things had been running, for the most part, pretty smoothly. School had already started, Bean was getting settled in and unpacked, and I'd begun getting things ready for the cooler weather to come in. BUT THEN..............................I noticed there was a little water on the floor in the kitchen around the bottom of the washer and dryer. I thought the washer was leaking so I shut the water off to the machine and waited for My Skippy Man to come home from work.

As I was sopping up the water, I noticed that the floor felt.....well....squishy, and the more I walked on the tiles, the more water came up and I realized that it wasn't just a "little bit" of water, but a HUGE amount of water. All I could do was to keep putting down towels to soak it up. After a few minutes, I noticed that the water had gone under the tiles and was soaked up by the sub-flooring and had gone out into the middle of the kitchen and now the tiles were coming up! :> ( (How did I NOT notice this before?)

After Skippy came home and did a little inspecting, he found out that the hot water heater (which was now 21 years old) had sprung a leak. Apparently, the heater had been leaking for days and I didn't notice it until there was no place else for the water to go. EEEEKKKK! (I guess I should have been doing more laundry, huh?) :> ( Not a problem though, I can always go back to pioneer days again like I did last year and boil water and wash our clothes in a bucket.

I was ok, but my family was not. Bean wanted to know how she was going to do her laundry and what to do about showers. Then I got a phone call from my close friend who asked if I would house-sit for them and take care of their cat while they were away for three weeks. The first thing she said was, "Now feel free to use whatever it is you need while we're gone!" I said, "Does that include your washer/dryer and the shower?" lol Her reply, "ABSOLUTELY!" There you go, Bean! :> )

The heater was almost done on Thursday evening but it was getting late and Skippy had to get to bed, so the sealing and connecting of the hoses would be left for Friday afternoon. Well, that morning, my sister came over to show me her "amazing find" at a yard sale. I told her about the heater so she wanted to see it. She walked into the laundry closet and all I heard was, "GET ME SOME TOWELS, QUICK!" One of the pipes had been dripping all night and went right into the holes on top of the heater and down into the inside of the casing unit. URGGHH! Now the heater had to be removed, taken apart, and air dried. SHEESH! Needless to say, Skippy was not a happy man! He was so angry, he didn't even want to go to Goose's graduation dinner, but as you can see by my last post, he finally did! YAY!

The heater was then taken apart and left on the front porch to dry for two days. (I'm sure my neighbors liked that! LOL) Sunday evening, after choir, Skippy finally was able to connect the hoses, so I went to all the sinks and showers and turned the hot water on to let the air out. All was going well until the heater filled with water and the pipes on top filled. That's when he realized he didn't glue two of the hoses together and they started leaking all over. (insert LOTS of yelling here) So again, everything was shut off, drained, and left to dry until yesterday.

My Skippy Man was fortunate to have an early day yesterday, so as soon as he got home, he went straight to work on the heater again, making sure EVERYTHING right and glued before he turned the water to the heater back on. At this point now, all the sinks and showers are running.......air is spattering.......water is running.........NO YELLING..........could it be...........do we really have......YES! YES! HOUSTON....WE HAVE HOT WATER!



And would you believe through all this there was NO COFFEE? This is what I woke up to yesterday morning................................

Thank you, Bean!

Aww........somebody loves me! :> )

P.S. Sorry there are no pictures but Bean had the camera taking pics while Tex was home on leave from Iraq.....I thought that was more important! :> )


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

We had to replace our water heater a couple of weeks ago. Ours was still under warranty, so we got the new one replaced for free! Your fix was definitely more complicated than ours was. What a great guy you have! I know you already know that, though. =)

Linda said...

Wow what a story and glad everything fixed now!
Oh the Pumpkin Spice coffee looks so good! Wish we could get that over here!
Have a great day!
Blessings and hugs

Deborah said...

WOW, I couldn't believe your story! But it all worked out for you, I am glad for that. You can tell a good story!! Your graduation dinner looked nice! Do you know we don't have any Red-Lobsters where we live, only commercials! LOL
Have a nice day!

Lisa said...

oh man!! glad things are back to normal!! We have a tankless hot water heater...it only heats water when you turn on faucets. Sort of works like a coffee maker. :) btw, how do you make the red hearts right in your text?! love that! And, is your header a personal picture? is it your own wagon?! love that too!