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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Funny Farm

My Skippy Man and I LOVE animals. We have a pug named Pheobe, three cats; Rascal, Simba, and Kitty, and two chinchillas; Baby and Mouse. Bean lives with us and she also has two Boston Terriers named Mugsy and Dexter. They are all so precious to me!

I love it when they come and sit on my lap, or Kitty climbing up on my shoulders, or rub their head on my chin, just wanting to have a little bit of attention and love. You should see it when Rascal comes into the kitchen and stands right in front of me, looks lovingly into my eyes, and then "CAT"-apults himself into mid air, hoping that I will catch him. I should really get a video of that for you to see. It is hysterically funny!

The only problem I have with my precious babies is that I can't turn around without tripping over one, sitting on one , closing one in the dryer, locking one in the linen closet, finding one in the hamper or in the dog food bin, or in the wood box for the stove. I have even opened up the pantry closet, only to find two eyes l@@king back at me. I would hate to think of where I might find Baby and Mouse if they ever got out of their cage!

All these things may be annoying sometimes, but they do make every day an exciting adventure..........................

I wouldn't trade them for the world!


Diana said...

Sure makes for no dull days!!

Anonymous said...

I keep pmming you but no reply :(

Melanie said...

I love my pets too. They keep life very interesting!! :)

Anonymous said...

try logging into aim lol
Yahoo hates you rofl