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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please Pray With Me

I have heard from so many of my friends this week that they are in need of prayer. Please join me in lifting them up.....God knows their requests!

Dear Heavenly Father.....I lift my sweet friends up to you this afternoon. You know their needs, Lord. You know the who, what, where, when, and hows, Lord, of whatever it is that they are going through. You are there, Father, through every wonderful moment and every sad moment. Through the storms in their lives, but also in the calm of it all as well. Please touch their hearts and be with them in whatever way they need, sweet Father, whether spiritually, physically, emotionally, or financially. We know that you will be there to guide and comfort them, love them and strengthen them. You are the great I Am, and all things are possible through You!

I ask this all in Your precious, Holy name.....AMEN!


homeschool101 said...

Laura, It seems there is a lot of that going around all over. Praying for God to answer the unspoken, unanswered prayers, to bring hope to the hopeless, to provide and meet all the needs that we all have out here or are facing in these difficult times, and to those who are or have been seeking for Healing or just a touch from Him, that he would bestowe His healing annointing upon the lives of his children.

Praying also for a divine intervention and leading from His Holy annointed spirit for each of us.

These are definatley hard times and getting harder. Laura, I have carried a burden for those dealing with cancer this week and recently had two friends of FB announce family members battling cancer. Will you agree with me for God peace to be within each family member and for healing and restoration.

Thanks Laura for being a good friend and obeying the spirit when he is calling for prayer upon his children and his church. Praying many blessings upon you and your house hold as well.
Love ya Laura, Have a great evening. :)

Just Breathe said...

I put a star on this one in my reader. I need to print it out so I can pray this each day. Thank you.