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Monday, June 14, 2010

Then and Now

It's hard to believe that our Amberlink pullets are now 6 weeks old! It doesn’t seem very long ago that they were sweet, fuzzy little chicks. To view their first pics and video, please click HERE!

I was certainly NOT ready for them to be in their house, but it was time. The pullets are doing great on pasture, and it’s amazing to see how well they forage for insects, slugs and seeds. It is hysterically funny to watch them chase one another when they think their sister has something worthy of sharing! I find myself shouting, Zig-zag, baby.......ZIG-ZAG! lol

I have to say, I just LOVE my baby girls. I spend each morning talking to them while I either read or have a cup of coffee or pink lemonade. They are each starting to develop their own personalities, which is really cool to watch. There is one that is REALLY LOUD so I named her Gena after one of my girlfriends who has an amazing singing voice! LOL She loves it!

It has been extremely hot here as of late, so we have put 2 fans in the chicken house to circulate the air. One sucking the hot air out and one to oscillate. We are hoping to put a couple of windows in too and then wiring them out so nothing can get in. We have already lost one sweetie, my poor Bessie Girl, to a neighbor's outside cat! Oh, how I cried! :> (

On Saturday, Skippy and Kiddo put together a chicken run for them that we can move around the yard. This way, I can leave them out to forage and get some fresh air and sunshine without having to sit there and keep watch like I do now about 7 times a day. I am, however, getting a lot of reading done and I am getting a nice tan! Skippy asked me this morning, while looking at my stack of library books, how I have managed to read that much lately. Well, now he knows! lol

Here are some pics of our babies now. I hope you enjoy them!


Just Be Real said...

Oh my gosh Laura I love the adorable pictures. Chickens are so cute when they are chicks. Great pens also. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you dear one.

chili pepper said...


They are adorable. We keep saying we are going to make the plunge to chickens... but believe it or not the time to build the hen house has been what holds us back. My hubby is on the road so much the last year or two that he never has time to get around to it. Brianna was looking here over my shoulder and she says you must be like me because your hen house is so neat and tidy:)

Melanie said...

They're so cute! :)

Barbara said...

they are just beautiful Laura, thank you for sharing your walk daily with them, my hens have grown so too, and all laying now, I love them dearly too, I have named each one, and I have one that comes to be petted, yeah a chicken, she loves attention, and she was the first one to lay too, think she was trying to impress me, giggles, yep her name is Esther too, she is definiely the queen of our roost.
Hugs and blessings, Barbara

Autumn Mist said...

They're really sweet. We have eggs in the incubator as we speak. Did they know what to do without having a mum to show them? It amazes me how quickly they grow. I am dying for our ducks to have feathers, it is hard to imagine.

Goose Hill Farm said...

They are doing GREAT! The first time I let them out to forage, they knew exactly what to do. They looked like kids in a candy shop! lol

Linda said...

Oh Laura they are so cute!!! Love your pictures!

Just Breathe said...

They are beautiful. Sorry about the cat, that is so sad. ((HUGS))

Cathy said...

Who knew chickens could be so cute. When we lived on a small farm I was always too afraid of the chickens cause I thought they would peck me. lol I was always such a "chicken"...pun intended