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Monday, June 21, 2010

Crochet Hanger

I was visiting over at "Marmalade Rose" today and came across her post on how to make these adorable crochet hangers. Aren't they just darling? I'm not a crocheter (is that a word?) but I know a bunch of ladies who are, so I thought I would post the link. What do you think, Renee.....is this something I could do?
:> )

To see and view the directions to make these beautiful hangers and other BEAUTIFUL projects, please click HERE!


Just Be Real said...

Even though this is not a hobby of mine, very nice Laura. Thanks for sharing.

God Whispers In The Wind

Stephanie said...

Laura, if you wanted, I could make you some of these:)

And I love the new header picture of the chicks!!

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

You have an interesting and pretty blog. I love your chickens!...and you have a new follower, me! :) Gerry

Autumn Mist said...

They're really good, aren't they? But I think I need to start with something simple...