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Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberries......God's Delicious Gift

"Taste and see that the LORD is good. . ."
Psalm 34:8

I was out in the garden planting some peppers and weeding. As I was tending to one of the raised beds, I was greeted by a beautiful array of strawberries that were just begging to be picked. I absolutely LOVE strawberries and let me tell you, I struggled long and hard (about 5 seconds) with whether or not to clean them and immediately freeze them, or clean them and immediately EAT them. Can you guess what I did? (she says while wiping the sugar and juice from her lips!) Well actually, I didn't eat ALL of them, even though I wanted to!

I have started freezing some of the strawberries. When I have enough, I want to make some strawberry preserves. Oh, the thought just tickles me. It doesn't take much to make me happy, let me tell you! :> ) I just love things that are homemade. They are sooooo good for you and they taste DELICIOUS! I love the fact that our vegetables and fruit from our garden are all organic! YAY!!! No yucky pesticides here! To be able to grow our own produce is such a blessing.......a true gift from God!

Are any of you able to harvest from your gardens yet? If so, what have you gotten and what are some things you plan on making with them?

Well, it's back out to the garden to see what other delicious gifts the Lord has provided us with today!


Barbara said...

Oh I just love this allegory, I have one almost like this with oranges, my dh preached lots of years ago, thank you for stopping by my blog, and I so love yours too, I love finding new friends and being able to relate with them right off, Isn't our God so fabulous, and puts us sisters together and we feel like we are long lost kin. Hugs and enjoyed my visit, I will be a follower now, and add you to my favorite blogs.
Hugs Barbara

Heart2Heart said...


We are almost at the point of harvesting our strawberries as well. They just need a little more time to grow a bit more but we have harvested tons of rose bouquets since our first spring blooms.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Strawberries are my favorite!!

Denise said...

I love strawberries so much.

Andrea said...

WOW...already collecting the fruits of your labor!
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Just Breathe said...

I don't have a garden, it would be nice to have fresh veggies.

happy momma said...

Laura, I just love the growing season, and especially the harvest of what's growing. My children are picking my berries as fast as they ripen, but I'm so glad that they are making summertime memories, I'll not complain. If enough of them remain for me to pick I'll probably make freezer preserves, and maybe dehydrate some in chunks for muffins and homemade cereals. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, God Bless

Lynda Young said...

I wish I could grow strawberries. I love them so much. I'm just not very successful at growing anything!

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Hi Laura,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
The strawberries sure looked yummy!! I love strawberries and wish I was able to grow them!!!
Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

looks good