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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dress Challenge Days 6 & 7

Well, today is the last day of the Dress Challenge that Renee and I were doing. I have to say, I have mixed emotions as this challenge ends. I must say, I have missed wearing my pants when I was doing things like working in the garden and cleaning up fallen and overgrown trees and such in the yard. But, on the other hand, I have really enjoyed wearing my dresses and skirts this past week, which, have actually made me feel so much more feminine then I have in a looooooooong time! Skippy had asked me not to long ago, to please wear dresses/skirts more often.

The other night, I put my pj's on early, before Skippy got home. When he saw me he said, "Where's your dress?" :> )

I will be participating with Renee each week in "Feminine Friday." If you would like to participate right along with us, just look for our Friday posts and join in on the fun!


Renee' said...

you look Great :)I dont miss my jeans, Last week I was actually mowing in a skirt :)and gardening on my knees in one :)looooooooooooooved it

Lucy Pevensie said...

Nice little apron! I LOVE aprons. :)
God bless!

Hope said...

Hi Laura,

I wear dresses most days, but when I am going to do particularly dirty work, then, depending on what kind of dress/skirt I am wearing, I might just change into pants until I finish the dirty work, and then I change back into my dress/skirt. I also often change into pants or a junk skirt when I clean my bathrooms each day. I cannot stand wearing the same clothing after cleaning the bathrooms; they just don’t feel clean enough. I either wear old jeans or an old skirt and an old shirt when I clean my bathrooms, and then I hang my junk clothing on a hook and change into something I like.

I often like working in the garden in a skirt; I feel so much more lovely and feminine that way…it’s all a mind game with me…♫ I feel pretty, Oh so pretty…♫ Ha! Ha!


Just Breathe said...

I do have some plaid house dresses that I wear around the house. They are actually dresses that could be worn out but I really don't like myself in them that much but they are so comfy around the house.