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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tea Talk

Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!
~Author Unknown~

Welcome to the Farm! Sit down for a minute with a cup of your favorite something and relax.......take a deep breath.......yeah, that's it. Now don't you feel better?

Tea Talk is "normally" on Thursdays, but you'll understand more why mine is late if you choose to read on further!

I am having Spiced Vanilla Chai with French Vanilla coffee creamer. That's right, coffee creamer. I love the kind that Dunkin' Donuts used to make but since we don't live near one anymore (my waist is thanking me), I had to come up with my own version. The smell is amazing in itself!

My cup is one I got this morning from 7-11 when I went with my sister to the doctors. Hey, this Frugal Female will try and get as much use from something as I possible can!

I'm feeling GREAT today. Right now I have my precious grand-fur baby, Bailey on my lap, keeping me warm. We are waiting for my daughter and son-in-law to come over for dinner tonight to celebrate Goose's birthday. She turned 23 on Wednesday!

On my mind are things that I need to get organized for my sanity. I have gotten a bit lax lately in my keeping up with things in our home and in our homeschooling. Things are not where they should be, etc, and that is making it difficult for me on so many levels. It is amazing how so many things actually are intertwined and when one is off.....well.....you know how it goes!

For more "Tea Talk" posts, please visit Ruth over at
"Celebrate Friendship!" I know she'd LOVE to see you!


Andrea said...

We are still on Hatteras Island where the wind is blowing furiously...as in the house is moving..I am told that is normal! My hubby just asked me today..."wonder what the weather is like in Luray where your friend lives?" He was talking about you. GOD BLESS YOU, sweet friend. I am thankful GOD brought you into my life. Maybe one day we can meet in person.
Hugs, andrea

E @ Scottsville said...

Just stopped by for a visit and to say "I'm still out here!!!"

I miss you and hearing about your family. Hope you're doing well! Glad to see you're feeling GREAT today!

Ruth said...

Hi Laura! I'm so delighted to have you joined us this week. Don't worry about being late. You'll see you're not the last one on the list. You can join us anytime during the week whenever is convenient.

Happy birthday to your daughter. I see you're very busy so I hope this Tea Talk helped you slow down a bit. God bless your entire household.

P.S. I was trying to find a farm theme design for the button but failed. I'm glad that button fits the fresh new look of your blog.

Just Breathe said...

I think I need to drink some tea.
I don't drink much of anything warm. But I remember putting creamer into tea years ago and I liked it.
So have you seen the Temple Grandin movie on cable. It was wonderful.

Just Be Real said...

Laura, I love the peaceful picture you have on your blog. So glad that you have been feeling better dear one. Thank you for sharing and much hugs and blessings to you and yours.


Heart2Heart said...


I never noticed the picture before until I am writing this comment, about your blogging buddy picture. That is so me and Bella! How funny! See I knew we were brought together for a reason!

Love that you are getting back to being organized. I have my ebbs and flows in that area and find that I need to get some things done before surgery.

Here is hoping that you have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deborah said...

Hi Laura: Happy Birthday to Goose! Twenty three, I was still dating at 23!
I like your tea talk.
Thank you for being my bloggy friend. I really enjoy reading your blog.