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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Storm 2010

WOW! What a week this has been! We got 2 storms back to back that left us with about 3 feet in our yard. Some places it's hard to tell how deep it is because the wind was so horrendous that there are drifts everywhere! Saturday evening, before the snow had stopped, Skippy went out with shovel in hand and started to dig his car out. Thank goodness he parked at the bottom of the driveway or he would never have gotten out for work. Then, shovels in hand, we all go at it, trying to make a path down our 300 feet driveway! EEEKK! It took four of us, but we finally did it.

We lost power on Saturday for quite a few hours, got a 5 minute tease, then it went off again. Praise the Lord, it came back on a little while later for us. However, there were still a huge amount of people all across the state that were still without power, my sister and her family included.

They had braved it out during the day but that night was just too cold for her to stay there with the kids so her husband sent them over here to stay with us until their power was restored. I was told that night it went down to -10*. The following day, my sister and her husband went back to their house and brought back their dog, their fish, and their 8 cats. It was so cold in their house that their fish were starting to die.

So, since last Saturday, as you can see, we have had a LOT going on in our home and I haven't had too much time to blog. It's either doing laundry, fixing meals, or SHOVELING snow! Cathy's power was restored yesterday, and they were able to go home. I really enjoyed having my baby sister here for 5 days. We had a lot of fun playing games and talking. We were able to watch a movie and spend a LEETTLE bit of quiet time together after the kids were in bed. It was a nice visit!

I have been trying to upload pics to photobucket but for some reason, it is not cooperating with me. Maybe they're being bombarded with millions of SNOW PICS all at the same time!!! LOL I will post them when I can finally get them uploaded.

I have missed all of you very much and feel like I am out of the loop. I wasn't even able to really talk to Renee this whole time. Talking about feeling out of touch! lol

Well, Kiddo and I were going to head out with Cathy today and go out to lunch, but when I went outside to empty the ash pan from the wood stove, I realized that all the pathway that we had shoveled was not GONE! The amazing winds we had completely covered and filled in our path down the driveway. SHEESH! lol It would not be a problem for me, but Kiddo has a problem with balance and I know he would have wound up face first in the snow, and then probably rolled down the remainder of the driveway! LOL!

So, how have all of you been? I have missed all of you not being able to blog, however, I have enjoyed the extra time it has given me to spend with my family during this time. I pray that you are all doing well and are SAFE and WARM!!


Autumn Mist said...

Glad to hear you're all okay. You've certainly had a lot of snow. Stay warm, thinking of you.

Jenilee said...

Glad your power is back on!! We've had quite the snow storm here too!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

ya'know being from MN, we're usually the ones with all the snow. And suprisingly enough, we're not waist high in it just yet!
ps. I LOVE the country background. It looks great.
Have a wonderful day!!

Lucy Pevensie said...

Being with fam that loves and needs you is the BESTEST! :)
I'm glad you survived - and yesh - I'm sure that all those snowflake pix are mucking up the blogs ...

"...I know he would have wound up face first in the snow, and then probably rolled down the remainder of the driveway! LOL!"
FUNNY! and it sounds like a fun thing to do - too bad he would be so snowy at the end ... Love you!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Sheesh...we have had a good bit more snow than usual this year, but NOTHING like that. I am so ready for spring!