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Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Ways.............

In our challenge today, we are to "Send him a telegram exclaiming his school fight challenge, followed by lots of exclamation points." Well, this is an easy one since we both went to the same high school!

Our mascot: A Wildcat
Our school colors: Maroon & white
Our Alma Mater:

Walt Whitman High School

Hail to thee Walt Whitman
The best of schools we know
We promise to be true to you
Wherever we may go!

We will always remember
What loyalty is for,
And so we raise this song of praise
Walt Whitman ever more!

Go, Wildcats!!!!!!!!!!


Just Breathe said...

So sweet. I keep forgetting to do this....

chili pepper said...

Cute, Laura! I never thought to do it on the blog... duh! Maybe, I will do go to his blog??? You are such a creative person. Thanks for the Inspiration.


chili pepper said...
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chili pepper said...


Don't know why it put my comment up twice... I am deleting one. And I wanted to tell you that I hijacked hubbies blog and used your idea over there. You can check it out