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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warm & Toasty

I was so cold last night for some reason, that I decided to sleep in the family room on the couch so I could be closer to the wood stove. I had all intentions of keeping the fire going but apparently I was more tired than I had realized.

I normally get up about 5 times during the night and then again at 2:30 so I can get Skippy's lunch ready and make him breakfast before he goes to work. But this morning, I didn't even hear the alarms go off or even hear him walking around the house. My wonderful Skippy Man let me sleep in.

Awww.....Aint' He Sweet?

Well, this morning when Kiddo got up, the stove was out and it was a bit cool in the house. This how he found me:

(Photo courtesy of Kiddo)

Most days I wake up, this is what I look like. However, I am usually up and Kiddo is asleep. Not this morning! And even though the fire was out, I was WARM & TOASTY!

Thanks, Kiddo, for taking this lovely, flattering picture! :> )



Andrea said...

Your furry kids were your electric blanket. This is precious...
Blessings, andrea

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Andrea~

It is amazing to me how they always spread themselves out and always in the same place. Simba at my feet, Rascal on my stomach, and Kitty on my chest. However, Kitty normally is facing the OTHER DIRECTION! lol

Diana said...

Great pic!! You (and your friends) look so warm and cozzy.

Lucy Pevensie said...

I can barely stand ONE cat on me ... they are little warming factories though. :)
Hope it didn't take too long to warm up the place. :)

Deborah said...

AWWW, very cute! You must have been nice and warm!

Renee' said...

rofl I showed Jeff, he noticed the cat also lol

homeschool101 said...

Lol. That is sweet they came to keep mom warm. Have a super great week Laura!

Autumn Mist said...

You look very snug there! How many cats have you got altogether? They are lovely.

Mocha Momma said...

LOL! I love the cats. They are quite comfy as you seem to be as well. It's good to sleep right through stuff if you don't have an appointment or something pressing to get done.

Sleep is gooooooood! I like sleep. Sleep is my friend and I don't get enough of my friend.

You get up 5 times a night??? I thought I was bad getting up 3 times just cuz I can't sleep. My body hurts & I wake up. I get up for a few minutes and go back to bed & try to sleep. Most of the time it works, sometimes I just cannot get back to sleep.

Anyway...have a very nice Monday,

Jenny said...

Love your kitty powered "electric" blanket. Extra sleep is always so wonderful!

chili pepper said...

How cozy! And how sweet that your kiddo caught it on film.

Wishing you a toasty afternoon!


Katie said...

That's so cute! You're little kitties were keeping you warm! :)