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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrate Friendship

Celebrate Friendship

To participate in this meme, I have to do three things:

1) Share a bit about your friend and your relationship.
2) Offer your friend a virtual gift in your post.
3) Write a note to your friend in your post.

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This is my first post in the "Celebrate Friendship" meme, and I couldn't think of anyone that is more deserving of this than my sweet, God loving, adorable, one who has the most contagious laugh, precious, tenderhearted, kind, caring, FUNNY, encouraging, makes me laugh so hard I can't breath friend, RENEE!

I can't tell you when we met or whether it was on HSB or The Homeschool Lounge. I guess that's because from the moment I met Renee, we just clicked. She is an amazing lady. How often do you meet someone and it feels like you have known them forever, and that they have ALWAYS been part of your life? That's how I feel about my friendship with Renee, affectionately called, Goober! :> )

She has been there for me in good times and in bad. She has encouraged me when I have expressed my concerns about not being sure I should be homeschooling. She makes me laugh with her stories and continues to show me by her words and her actions, what a WONDERFUL wife and mother she is.

I thank God for giving me such an amazing friend who adds nothing but joy and happiness into my life.

Thanks for putting up with me! :> )


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A special gift I would like to give to you............................

Wanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends Cookbook
:> )
Now if only Volume I would arrive, right? lol

Ok, for this meme, I am also to write a letter to my friend. However, I found something that I just think seems to fit better! lol

To partcipate along in the "Celebrate Friendship" meme, please visit Ruth at
"Celebrate Frienship" and link up your friendship post! See you there! :> )


Cathy said...

What an awesome post for your friend Laura. I just recently started following Renee and she does seem so sweet. Friends are just the best, whether bloggy friends and real life friends!!

ruth said...

Finally you're with us here Laura! I was so thrilled to see your name on the list.

This is so cool. i love the way you honor Renee here. she's also my friend, you know. LOL, This is fun. I'm truly enjoying this.

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your beautiful friendship with Renee.
Many blessings!

Deborah said...

How nice is this! Very sweet! Renee must love it!

Deborah Ann said...

I love Renee' too! How sweet of you to honor her in this way.

~ Judy ~ said...

So glad to see you joining dear Ruth's meme!!!! And HATS OFF to Renee...she IS awesome, I agree!