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Friday, November 20, 2009

English Comp?


This morning Bean (my youngest daughter) instant messaged me and asked if I would help her summarize a paper for her for English Composition class. This normally, would NOT have been a problem, but this morning, it certainly was.

You see, the information the teacher had given them to summarize involved the torture of animals. What that has to do with English Comp, I will never understand. With everything else there is to write about, WHY THIS?

Bean was upset herself and knew that I would be too. She tried to prepare me for what I was about to read, but it did no good. I have sat here and balled my eyes out for the past 20 minutes over this. I am OUTRAGED! Outraged that these kinds of things are STILL being done to animals so that we me have make up and home cleaning products that they know won't hurt us. But what about the poor, defenseless animals that are being tortured each day? I guess I have been naive in thinking that in this day and age, we wouldn't have to do things like that anymore.......I guess I was wrong!

I know there are people who think that they are "just animals" but they are alive and feel pain, just like we do. WE ARE ALL GOD"S CREATURES!"

From now on, I will be an INFORMED CITIZEN! I will read the make up and cleaning product labels on each item BEFORE I make my purchase. All the more reason now to make more of my own cleaners! I will make sure that whatever items I choose, will NOT have been tested on animals. Won't you do the same?

(stepping down off my soap box now.......after I write a letter to the English Comp. professor)
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Manuela said...

Hello Laura!
You're right, it's terrible!! I have seen a lot of video where they made experiments on the animals! I cried!
What a cruelty! I'm so sorry.

Annie said...

Wow, I had no idea that people still did this to animals! We are supposed to take care of God's creatures....I will be more informed now. How can I tell if it has been tested on animals? Maybe I should just buy the ones that say they don't?

Thank you for this post!
I love your blog so much - what a delightful place. It really helps me to come here and refocus my eyes on him instead of all these "gift guides" and such out there! Thank you for being so bold with your faith :)

Anonymous said...

You missed the one post on Carob Chip brownies - now prepare your tastebuds and make sure you've eaten. :) I also added a pix of a sweet pointed baby hat - :) Love you xoxoxoxoxox

Goose Hill Farm said...

Say what? Did I hear you right? Did you say..................


I'm already there, g/f! :> )

Andrea said...

I am exhausted after a long day of helping a friend and I will be back at it tomorrow. I just got home and jumped on to look at my blogs. I scrolled down and realized there was another comment on the post about the valley of Luray. I am sitting here in tears. As I prayed each night I wondered if you lived down there. You had mentioned living near the park and you came to mind each night. I am touched to know more about your community. Both my husband and I gazed at those lights each night wondering who they represented and if those people were okay or hurting and then I wondered about the lights that may have been blown out by unemployment..those sitting in the cold while I was warm. We fell asleep each night looking at those lights. I had planned to pray about other things and read a lot while I was gone, but GOD had other plans. We were both drawn to those lights as the sun fell each day. Your community will never be forgotten. I have printed that picture and plan to frame it and keep it nearby.
Much love, prayers, and hugs,