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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOW.....Talk About Savings!

About two weeks ago, Skippy went to the grocery store without me :> ( He came back with 5 HUGE bags and was grinning. "Hmmm.....I wonder what's up with him?" I thought.

As I watched him unload the bags, I noticed that they contained nothing but meat. I also noticed that he was "SMILING" while he's doing this.

"Okay....what gives?" I said. "What's going on?" "Take a look at this!" he said, while handing me the receipt. "Look at what I saved at Food Lion today!"

It was a good thing I was NOT drinking anything at the time he slapped that piece of paper in my hand because he would have been WEARING IT! I couldn't believe my eyes. My darling, sweet, wonderful Skippy Man, had just saved us $85.16. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN, LADIES......YOU ARE READING THIS CORRECTLY! He saved us $85.16 by using our MVP card and coupons.

The only thing that came out of this "frugal females" mouth was "WAHOO COOKIES!!"

I think I will let him go shopping more often without me.................NAH!


Stephanie said...

Wow, that is Fabulous!! Way to go hubby!! I want to try and get a chest freezer so when I find deals like that I can stock up.


Renee' said...

Wow!Thats Great.

chili pepper said...

My dear husband loves to shop. yes, you read that correctly. And has taken over most of the grocery shopping. He, too, does amazing things with savings. I am always astounded. Of course, he doesn't mind digging through the fliers and running to several stores to get the best deals. But I hate to shop and will spend extra to get it done fast. Good for Skippy!

Paula said...

Good for Skippy! I wish I could find coupons like that for our area. We only have a Wal-Mart and a couple of dollar stores and a local grocery store here. No one doubles or triples coupons either. I do get a few coupons off the internet though. Congrats to Skippy for such a good savings!
Hugs, Paula